Employees Engagement

OfficeCentral helps organizations to get more engaged with their staffs and increase staffs satisfaction with a smoother process, less papers and reduced administration time

Access from Anywhere

OfficeCentral is accessible anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. Accessible on mobile too. Therefore, you can get all the data anytime you need them, reducing time spent on administration duties.

Easy to Configure

OfficeCentral is easy to configure to suit with additional types of leave or different ways of calculating salaries.

Human Resource Management

HRMS is one of the key internal organization process that can be efficiently done by computerization. By using OfficeCentral, staff can apply for leave, submit claims and all the approval process can be done online, from anywhere they are.

Payroll Management System

OfficeCentral provide variety of calculations for payroll management. It also automatically generate statutory forms (EPF, SOCSO, PCB and Zakat). It is easy to use and it will lessen the time consuming.

GST-Compliant Accounting System

OfficeCentral provide powerful accounting dashboards and reports. It is easy to use for both accountants and non-accountants. The integrated accounting system within OfficeCentral also automates double entry, allowing bookkeeping for the company to be done efficiently and minimizes human error.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS)

Integrated CRM within OfficeCentral allows centralization of sales and marketing efforts, reducing possibility of loss opportunity when sales executive leave the company.

Point of Sales System (POS)

POS System allows staff to monitor sales remotely. It use location-based POS with multiple lanes and stock management. It also provide powerful dashboards, reports and statistics and can exports transactions into accounting.