WAPPLES | The Logical Web Application Firewall

The unique intelligent security engine (COCEP) of WAPPLES can block even unknown attacks, and provide accurate detection with low false positive rates. With all of its security features, it provides the best performance. With easy security settings and operational convenience, WAPPLES leads the popularization of the web application firewall with a broad range of customers.

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D'Amo | Optimized Encryption Frameworks

D’Amo classifies the IT system into each layer to apply the optimized DB encryption solution. Depending on the operation environment, Penta Security finds the best solution to guarantee both performance and security without compromise. In addition, it provides the optimized solution for secured encryption key management, which is considered to be a key element for security in this day and age.

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ISign+ | All-in-One Authentication

ISign+ with its establishment became the first appliance-type SSO solution in Korea. Certified as an encryption module by the National Intelligence Service, it satisfies security as well as SSO features. In addition, it integrates all of the required components for SSO implementation, such as authentication server, DB, and policy server as an all-in-one solution. With ISign+, you can implement powerful and various SSO features in a fast and easy way.

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