The Logical Web Application Firewall

The WAPPLES product family includes the appliance-type WAPPLES, WAPPLES MS, which is an consolidated management system for several WAPPLES, and WAPPLES V-Series, on a virtual appliance.

In addition, WAPPLES Management Portal (WMP) can monitor the management target WAPPLES in real time, allowing management of the environment in a simple and efficient way. The expected effects are simple:

WAPPLES, as a web application firewall, copes against key web attacks, including SQL Injection, to maintain the security of the environment

  • As an information leakage protection solution, it can satisfy compliance issues, including the privacy protection act
  • As an illegal login prevention solution, it can prevent unauthorized logins through access control, ensuring security of network and data
  • As a website forgery and manipulation prevention solution, it can cope with these types of attacks to websites and DBs, ensuring security

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